IMTEL Innovation Day 9 "Augmented Reality for Education"

The ninth event on “Augmented Reality for Education" was held on 07.12.2020 in a fully online format via Zoom. It was organized in collaboration with Code Reality and iPEAR, our new Erasmus+ project. It featured Mark Billinghurst, University of South Australia and University of Auckland, New Zealand, with a joint keynote on “Moving beyond questionnaires to evaluate mixed reality experiences”, and focused on AR in education. Gabriel Kiss (NTNU) contributed on the state of the art and future possibilities of AR in education. Master students presented an AR project hosted by IMTEL on anatomical visualizations with Hololens 2 and Magic Leap. Chryssa Themelis (Lancaster University, iPEAR) presented the idea of inclusive peer learning with AR apps, and Prof. Avgoustos Tsinakos (International Hellenic University, AETMA Lab) presented options for enhancing education with immersive technologies, focusing on ARTutor and on Virtual School, presenting benefits and challenges both for educators and students.

Innovative Immersive Technologies for Learning – IMTEL research group has been organizing a series of innovation days and workshops since 2018.