Sport students working with AR in their basketball training (Germany)


A first case study testing AR and its role in peer learning took place at iPEAR coordinating institution FAU (Germany). Our educator at FAU sport science Markus Näser tested AR tools with 30 students in a Basketball training session. The test phase took place in June with two lessons in different basketball courses. Markus combined the interactive basketball app HomeCourt with the AR tool ARTutor to augment literature. The majority of students gave a very positive feedback on the effects of using the personal skills trainer HomeCourt in combination with AR, like this one: “Practicing with a partner is a lot of fun because he or she can coach and give tips in addition to the AR tool. You also motivate each other during the exercise.” In small groups of 2 or 3 people students could exchange ideas, cheer the other and benefit from the competitive character of the tool. Educator Markus Näser is sure to use this experience again in his training courses.